1. What is indie-lete.com?

indie-lete is short for independent athletes. We empower athletes all over the world to own, create and design their brands and sell their own merchandise from our marketplace.

2. What type of products do you sell online?

indie-lete  is the leading Business to Athlete Consumer e-commerce site. We sell athlete services as well as athlete merchandise.

3. How do I create an indie-lete store?

You can register today for the indie-lete account  by clicking on the vendor registration page.

Before you begin the self-service registration process, be sure to have the following information available.

• Your business name, address, and contact information
• A pay-pal account
• A phone number where you can be reached during this registration process

4.Why should I sell on indie-lete?

There are many reasons to sell on indie-lete.—from the many of millions of fans in the world who can see your products, indie-lete customers can see your products and prevent you from having to start a stand alone website that you have to manage and drive traffic too. Indie-lete is the perfect platform for athletes to just go play and not have to manage their business.

5.How do I add inventory?

Contact the designated manager of your store and let them know what you want and we will do all of the work for you.

6. Why should I subscribe newsletter?

you should subscribe to news letter to get the latest updates about the latest indie-lete news.

7.What if I sell my goods in a currency other than USD?

No problem! You can sell products on your store in whatever currency you like.

indie-lete operates in USD, so we’ll always charge you in USD. But to make it less confusing for your customers, we’ll show your store’s retail price and currency on your packing slips.

8.What if the order is lost in the mail?

For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date. But no worries! We’ll cover the costs of reprinting and shipping a replacement order for you.

We may ask for your help before doing that, like confirming with your customer that the shipping address was correct. It would also be good to double check that your customer got in touch with their local post office to try locating the lost order.

Keep in mind that if tracking information states an order was delivered but your customer thinks they haven’t received it, we won’t take responsibility and reship that order. In that case, any replacements would have to be at your expense.

8.How does shipping work for products fulfilled in Mexico?

Products that are fulfilled in Mexico actually ship out from the US.

We transport all orders to a distribution center in San Diego, and then they’re shipped out from there. For that reason, we can offer the same shipping rates as we do in LA.

The only exception is that we don’t offer overnight shipping from Mexico.

9.My order shows it is being returned to sender, what now?

There are a few reasons an order can be returned to sender but most often it is due to an undeliverable address. Other instances include the package being unclaimed at customs or refused/returned by your end customer. You will receive notice once the order arrives back to our facility. We would advise contacting your end customer to determine how they would like to proceed and contact us with an updated address if you wish to have the product reshipped. New shipping charges will be applied for orders that have been unclaimed at customs, returned by your customer, or had an incorrect address originally provided.

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